Exhibition Areas


The key topics of the exhibition will be conveyed in different formats, designed to fully explore each theme.

Manufacturers will exhibit a wide range of products for beautification: from landscaping projects to their implementation, and all the materials that were used.


The topics of the exhibition will be covered in special areas where exhibitors will demonstrate "model concepts" for the main theme of the event – city beautification.

The City of Children

The City of Children area will showcase the latest achievements in the design and landscaping of urban spaces for recreation with children.

Artificial pond

The exhibition will have an artificial pond featuring plants from aquatic nurseries and coastal plants. This display will be complemented by carpets of flowers made of colchicum. The visitors will get a chance to see aquatic plants which have not yet been shown at the exhibition, such as the prickly water lily, water hyacinth and water lilies.

The Green Theatre

The Green Theatre area will hold special lectures, workshops and public discussions.

Exposition of the best works of Russian plant breeders

Leading experts will exhibit the best flowering and decorative plants from unique collections.

Photo area

In the photo area, decorated with flowers, visitors will be able to capture the best moments of the exhibition.

Flower Kitchen

The Flower Kitchen will combine the best of Italian, French, Indian and Russian cuisines. The guests will get a chance to try dandelion wine, therapeutic herbal tea, flower petal jam and unusual deserts with candied violets.