Information digest No.4


The Floral Design Competition is Finished: the Main Prize went to China!

The Professional International Floral Design Competition, which finished its work on the exhibition last day, this year, brought together bright names from different countries. The Chinese florist Tan Jun Hai won the first prize.

Madame Vegeta Again Surprised with Unusual Combinations of
Vegetables and Flowers

The President of the International Association for Edible Floristics Julia Bruy prepared an unusual surprise for guests. Visitors to the exhibition can see live in person the process of shaping creative fruit and vegetable bouquets.


Oksana Pavlova: the Best Samples of Selection and Genetics were Presented at the Joint Stand of the Ministry of Science

There at the largest venue of the exhibition’s partner, the Ministry of Science and Education, 15 leading scientific and educational institutions of Russia are represented at once, including the Tsitsin Main Botanical Garden, IREA (Institute of Chemical Reagents and Super Pure Chemicals) under the Kurchatov Institute Research Center, the Federal Scientific Center for Vegetable Production (VNIISSOK), VILAR (All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants), the Mendeleevsky Institute, All-Russian Selection and Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery, MSTU STANKIN (Stankin Moscow State Technological University) and others. Oksana Pavlova, a researcher at the Federal Research Center for Vegetable Production conducted for us a fascinating tour around the joint stand.

Dmitry Skotnikov: BashIncom in Every Possible Way Develops the Trend for Organic Farming

Research and Development Enterprise BASHINKOM – one of the long-standing exhibitors, every year represents new products, which consistently get prizes. This year 2 drugs – 33 Bogatyrya (33 heroes) and Kormilitsa Mycorrhiza (Nurse Mycorrhiza) get the gold medals of the exhibition. Dmitry Skotnikov, Ph.D. in Biology, senior researcher at the enterprise, spoke about the advantages of his products and plans for the coming season.

Coconut Substrates COCOLAND: Organic Friendly, Easy, Effectively

Wiscom Trading Co LTD. (ООО «Компания Виском Трейдинг») introduced the brand COCOLAND from Sri Lanka that is well-known to Russian gardeners. The various coconut peel derived products will present a wide assortment: coconut fiber substrates, coconut fiber, mulch, and geotextile for landscape design, covers and many other things.


The Round Table Discussion Raised the Problems of Gardening and
Urban Improvement

The Round table discussion The Green Future of Cities, held as part of the exhibition business program, brought together experts from different regions of Russia. The President of the Russian Association of Landscaping Architects Taisia Wolftrub acted as the moderator of the Round table discussion. How to make the urban environment more comfortable, how to preserve and enrich green plantings in the city? The leading experts based on their experience presented the professional care solutions and gave recommendations in maintaining of green plantings.

Oktyabrina Ganichkina Taught How to Prepare the Garden for Winter Properly

Speech by Oktyabrina Ganichkina, PhD in Agriculture, the all-time TV presenter of the programs: Ogorod — Krugly God (Kitchen Garden – All Year Round), Sad i Ogorod (Garden and Kitchen Garden), Luchki-Puchki (Beams-Wisps), Dachnye Istorii (Country stories) and radio column Sovety Ogorodnikam (Tips For Gardeners) was one of the highlights of the exhibition final day.


An Ideal Flower for an Ideal Bouquet by SPK (Agricultural Production Cooperative) Manych

The agricultural production cooperative Manych from the Krasnodar Territory for the first time presented at the exhibition its business unit operated in cultivation of peonies. The visitors to the exhibition could make pre-orders for both cutting and tuber planting material.

Phyto-lights Help Prolong the Day

The Tochka Opory (Foothold), a Russian lighting holding company, presented at the exhibition its novelty – racks for growing greens, as well as VermiLIGHT LED fittings of the Optimum and Rassada (Seedlings) series.

Vladimir Roses are Not Afraid of Frost!

The Vladimir Roses stand was perhaps one of the most visited for all days of the exhibition. The long-standing visitors to the exhibition know well the founder of this farm Lyubov Bezrodnova who every year presents magnificent planting material for lovers of this royal flower.

Ecokiller Makes the House and Garden Free From Insects Quickly and Safely

The production company Kvant (Квант) brought to the exhibition the innovative insect repellent Ecokiller and garden diatomite, a unique adsorbent that absorbs 100 more than activated carbon.



Artificial Pond − the Area of Relax and Inspiration

The artificial pond will traditionally be one of visitors’ favorite areas of the exhibition. Located in the centre of a pavilion, across from the Green Theatre, it’s definitely a centre of attraction and a relax area.


Denis Safonov: We’ve Set Out Over 300,000 Large-sized Plants Already!

Russkie Prostory Ltd. − a plant nursery in Lipetsk involved in arboriculture and sales of nursery trees and shrubs − will present its best plant varieties to guests of the event: Dogwood Elegantissima and Shpetta, Viburnum Roseum and Physocarpus Red Baron, and, of course, its best samples of conifers. Denis Safonov, Director General of Zelenye Linii, the company Russkie Prostory is affiliated with, is certain that every plant need individual approach.

Business Program

Green Future of Cities: Specificities of Urban Plant Management

How to make the urban environment more comfortable? How to preserve and enrich green spaces in the city? What are key mistakes made in urban green space planning in terms of selection and management of urban plants and trees? Leading experts will present professional care solutions, provide recommendations on green space management and speak on the latest urban greening trends at the roundtable discussion in the framework of the Flowers&City Exhibition.

Conserving Biodiversity of Urban Spaces

On August 23, the Conference “Urban Greening: Saving Resources and Biodiversity” (Pavilion No.75, Hall C, 2nd floor, Conference Hall No.1) will be held in the framework of the Flowers&City Exhibition. Establishment of comfortable urban territories and public spaces, creation and management of green spaces, conservation of biodiversity and saving of natural resources of the region.


Nash Sad Offers Time-tested Seeds and Bulbs Only

Nash Sad, an agricultural company founded in 1996, will present its core assortment at the exhibition − tuber&bulb materials, set onion, roses and seeds.

Zolotaya Sotka Altaya: a Great Range with Consistent High Quality!

Zolotaya Sotka Altaya − a regular participant of the exhibition − has started taking preliminary orders for Spring 2020 nursery blackberry. And at the exhibition the whole assortment of seeds under the company’s own trademark will be available.

Coconut Fiber Substrates are to Provide Heavy Yield

Wiscom Trading Co LTD., a leading supplier of coconut peel derived products, will present a wide assortment at the exhibition: coconut fiber substrates, coconut fiber, mulch, and geotextile for landscape design, covers and many other things.

Organic Line Preserves Home Ground Fertility

Organic Line has worked in field of agricultural biotechnologies for several decades already. A demand for organic products is growing every year due to the economic benefit. The cutting-edge developments for biodefense will be available at the company’s stand.

The Samara Garden Centre is Preparing its Best Samples for the Exhibition

The Vera Glukhova Garden Centre based in Samara has announced a clearing of Hydrangea paniculata Samarskya Lydia, a jewel of its collection. The company assortment includes over 1,500 plant varieties! The plant nursery will traditionally present a broad package of proposals for both owners of subsidiary plots and state, municipal and commercial enterprises at the exhibition.

STM Trade will Create a Warm Ambience at Your Hobby Farm

STM Trade will present a broad assortment of products under Schastlivy Dachnik label at the exhibition − everything one needs for hobby farming.



Valentina Safronova: starting the history of the Florist Competition from a blank slate

On August 22-23 the international competition of professional florists will be held among participants of the 26th International Exhibition “Flowers&City” (Pavilion 75, Hall B). It will become a part of a three-day florist program of the exhibition – a bright and colorful event in field of professional floristry organized by JSC VDNH, the Slava Rosca Flower Studio and the Association of Russian Florists. Valentina Safronova, President of the Association, told us about the competition in details..

The Florist Marathon will discover new talents!

A unique three-day FLORIST MARATHON with a series of florist shows (August 22-24, 2019) organized by JSC VDNH, the Association of Russian Florists and the SLAVA ROSCA Flower Studio will certainly be one of the brightest and the most colorful events of the Business Program of the Exhibition.


Vasily Blokin-Mechtalin: Our Dacha is a real mini-state!

Partner, a farm firm which will celebrate its first serious anniversary soon (on September 17 the company turns five) will present highlights of its products at Flowers&City 2019. Its founder and CEO Vasily Ivanovich Blokin-Mechtalin shared how such a small team managed to escalate to a serious enterprise in a short term, what supported its solid reputation of seed producer and supplier as well as a reliable partner.

Nadezhda Luschik: Flower&City Exhibition is always a great feast of communication

Last spring “Floriculturists of Moscow” club under the Nature Restoration and Conservation Society (NRCS), a permanent participant of the exhibition, celebrated its 85th anniversary! Nadezhda Luschik, Chairperson of the “Floriculturists of Moscow” club under the Nature Restoration and Conservation Society (NRCS) NGO, told us how the club had changed during its history of almost a century, how cooperation between Moscow floriculturists and the Flowers&City had started, as well as about the most interesting things club specialists prepared for the exhibition that year.


Handmade multi-breed trees – a workshop by Andrey Tumanov

On August 23, a workshop by Andrey Tumanov, a popular Russian TV-host, journalist and founder of the School of Gardeners, will be held in the framework of the Business Program. The gardener is convinced that everyone must plant a garden or at least a tree in their lives. And he is ready to teach any visitor of the seminar.

Workshops for young florists

During all three days of the exhibition workshops for young florists will be held in the CITY OF KIDS. The event is organized by VDNH, the Moscow Palace of Child and Youth Creativity and the Art-Flora children's non-governmental organization.


Looking for high-quality seeds? Then you need the POISK Holding!

The platform of the POISK Holding (‘poisk’ meaning ‘search’ in Russian) is always crowded, as multi-discipline experts are interested in products of the company. The company is certain, this year there will never be a dull moment, since the stand will presents the latest selection products, as well as seed and planting materials.

Exquisite flowers for amateurs and professionals

An open venue of the Flower Fair in front of Pavilion No. 75 will feature the highlights of rare garden plants and perennials presented by Tatyana Gorunova, a self-employed individual and founder of GREENDACHA Club, including Daylily ‘Open Season’, one of the best bright red daylilies with wide corrugated golden-yellow bostryx borders.

Agrolan will protect your harvest against birds

Agrolan is a company keeping guard over farmers and gardeners; it produces effective means for plant protection and growth. The latest novelties protecting against birds will be presented at the exhibition.

Organic livestock farming is the thing of the future, BASHINKOM considers

There are initiatives aimed at attracting public attention to the problem of desertisation and soil degradation all across the world. Our participant BASHINKOM Research and Innovation Company is hugely involved in them.



Irina Lunkova: the Exhibition is to Present the Thriving City of the Future!

It was 26 years ago when the FLOWERS & CITY Exhibition gathered together selectionists, plant breeders, nursery people, agriculturists, landscape architects and florists on its venue for the first time. In the year of the 80th anniversary of VDNH, the main Russian exhibition venue, the FLOWERS & CITY Exhibition has renewed its concept and changed its format. Only vivid emotions and a feeling of magic our exhibition brings every year will remain the same! Irina Lunkova, a head of the project, elaborates..

The Flower Exhibition Is Open for All Amateurs and Professionals

A true celebration of colors and aromas will meet anyone who will find themselves in the vicinity of the 75th pavilion! Nursery ornamental and fruit plants, flower seedlings and seed grains will be presented on the open venue of the Flower Exhibition.

Marshmallow Sea in the Flower Kitchen

A demonstration workshop on creating floral arrangements from... marshmallow will take place on August 24 at 3:30 p.m. in the Flower Kitchen (Pavilion No. 75, Hall B). Pastry-cook Valeria Vednikova, the founder and the owner of Zefirnoye More (Marshmallow Sea) dessert laboratory, will share some secrets of marshmallow floristry..


Natalya Latyeva: “We’ll present the best developments of floriculture, gardening, landscape design and horticulture”

Even today it might be impossible to imagine the Flower & City Exhibition without the ecological educational project of the Floriculture Pavilion (VDNH). This year visitors of the exhibition will be able to become participants of a three-day Practical Gardening Forum, which includes a series of lectures on plant cultivation agricultural techniques, and new cultivars of fruit and small-fruit crops given by leading specialists of international fame. Also, the Flower Kitchen Program will be presented during all three days of the exhibition. Natalya Latyeva, head of the project, told about its essence:


The 21st Urban Greening Forum Will Address the Most Urgent Problems of Urban Greening in the 21st Century

Today almost every large city faces a development crisis—a combination of uncontrolled growth, rapid environment deformation and a lower quality of living environment. How can comfortable living environment be provided for city residents? How can the ecological trend be made a priority in development of a modern city? That’s what the 21st International Scientific and Practical Forum “PROBLEMS OF GREENING IN LARGE CITIES” will focus on. Kharis Yakubov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Public Administration Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the moderator of the Forum, told about key objectives for experts to be discussed.

Workshops “Tea in a New Way” by the Oblepikha Teahouse

For two days, the Flower Kitchen of Flower & City 2019 will be filled with aromas of unusual designer teas: on August 22–23 the Oblepikha teahouse will be waiting for guests to visit its workshops “Tea in a New Way.”


The Best Dutch Tulips by Svetol

Svetol has been engaged in wholesale deliveries of tulip bulbs and other flowering bulbs from Holland for the pasture and for greening since 2007. The planting material is supplied by leading Dutch manufacturers and traders.

Envy RUS Will Take Care of Your Garden’s Beauty and Ecology

Envy RUS is involved in development and production of accessories for gardens and vegetable lots. The company presents a range of natural materials of new generation that are comfortable to apply and easy to install.

Kapital-PROK: Crop Without Losses

Kapital-PROK JSC—a leader in production and sales of supplement feeds, rodenticides, garden agents—is a regular participant of the exhibition. This year it will present a line of complex mineral and organic fertilizers at its stand.

Kimira Ltd: Beauty Demands... Fertilizers!

KIMIRA LTD is a manufacturer of complex mineral fertilizers with minor components for professionals, horticulturists and landscape architects. The company will demonstrate its products in convenient packages at the exhibition—both special granulated and starter fertilizers.