Coronavirus for floral industry: a reason to panic or new opportunities for your business?

Pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 and related events cause negative emotions in the majority of people in Russia and around the world. People experience fear, panic and a sense of uncertainty from quickly falling on them exciting news with "screaming" headlines on cancellation of public events, limitation of tourist routes and emergence of new regions, where the disease penetrates.

But even in such seemingly quite difficult times we, as the organizers of one of the most beautiful floral events, believe that new opportunities are opening for the floral business!

In the coming days, when the only safe place for leisure activities become homes, the floral industry can play an important role in people’s lives.

As a symbol of beauty, joy and healing, flowers are able to exert a beneficial effect on our health, revive the spirits and even reduce the stress. Flowers have a unique feature to inspire the hearts and souls of people with peace and joy. That is why, when we hand them over to the near and dear people, we give a lot more than just flowers - we give emotions: joy, hope and inspiration.

Rather than succumb to the general panic, we urge the parties in floral industry to remain calm, as the current crisis may be a turning point and capable to change the model of consumer behaviour in favour of the industry.

One might ask, what should be done to improve the sales of flowers in the crisis time? Do not forget more often remind your customers about transforming power and healing properties of these beautiful plants.

And finally, let us use this historic moment as an opportunity to show the people that the flowers can change the life for the better!