Time of roses. Muscovite ladies begun to be gifted with free flowers

Floral shops in the capital have begun to distribute free roses and tulips to passers-by. Following the mayor’s order, the points of sales were closed and have had no time to sell the goods. And businessmen in a hussar style do not throw away their reserves, but brighten the burden of home insulation for ladies.

Near the metro station "Novokuznetskaya” the flowers were gifted even by a lady. She was trying to do it with a smile, but barely restrained tears. This action personally for her is simultaneously both the charity and farewell to her mini-business, where was invested so much efforts, time and money.

“The situation is common: now many, including us, are simply giving away our flowers, - told the "RG” private entrepreneur Alexey Zhilokov. - We send them to hospitals, churches, charitable organizations."

According to a correspondent of the "RG", part of the floral shops moved to delivery. In this way they sell the remnants of the lilies and other grandeur with discounts of up to 30-50 percent. The mood in the ranks of the florists is far not pink. “As soon as this is all over - Zhilokov predicts - many shops will not open again." The core issue is the rent. Many owners of the premises do not make concessions: they require to pay the rent despite any virus, tornado, hurricane or whatever else. Plus, there are loans and obligations under salary. It is impossible to survive all of it in the quarantine conditions.

In turn, National Association of Florists believes that now is the best time to support the domestic producers. “In Italy the florists have already asked the government to compensate the losses, - said Alexey Antipov, the head of the Association. And we would also like to ask for assistance."

Source: rg.ru