Decorative floristrics in home working: experience of floristrics and décor studio Kolosok

In the framework of the campaign "We are together" arranged to support the participants and partners of the International exhibition "Flowers", Lyudmila Leonova, the head of floral design and décor studio Kolosok, shared with us, how the lessons with the trainees are conducted during the period of quarantine:

- I am not a professional florist. I am a teacher of supplementary education with 20 years of teaching experience, and one of my work areas is the floristrics and costumes decorated with natural materials. Today, it is a very difficult period for the kids trained in our studio. There is no opportunity to work neither with cut flowers, either with dried ones. It is impossible to purchase wire, glue, paint… The floral bases and our favourite building shops are closed. In fact, we were forced to go on a self-imposed isolation with watercolours and printer paper.  Surely, it is very difficult to teach floristrics to children of different ages.

But despite of the difficult for everyone period and unavailability of necessary materials, the pupils and teachers continue to practice their favourite occupation, confidently overcoming the difficulties associated with the transition to distance learning. In on-line mode the guys applying improvised tools enthusiastically create pictures of natural materials and  decorative floral compositions, contributing to them the pieces of their souls and revealing the creative potential. 

Studio Kolosok is a member of Supplementary Education Institution Art-Flora. The training groups consist of boys and girls, young ladies and gentlemen from 9 to 18 years old. During the course the kids perform the works that can be applied for decoration of a residential apartment, office, cottage interior. They learn how to put the prepared floral planar works (collages, pictures) in the baguette frame with a mat. The young trainees master to apply the processes of ageing and decoration of simple wooden frames, decorate the furniture and accessories: dishes, clocks, vases, jewellery boxes, key holders, mirrors, lamps and much more.