XXVI International Exhibition of horticulture, floriculture, greening, provision of public facilities and landscape urbanism «Flowers&City 2019»

Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion No. 75
Organizers: JSC «VDNH»

    Exhibition Sections:
  • breeding nurseries, ornamental and garden plants;
  • equipment, raw materials and breeding nursery materials (open and protected ground);
  • seeds, bulbs and planting material;
  • fertilizers, crop protection and grounds;
  • fresh and potted flowers;
  • accessories for flower arrangement and horticulture;
  • equipment and packaging for transportation and distribution of flowers;
  • retail equipment for flowers (flower shops/salons);
  • equipment for greenhouses and conservatories;
  • technologies, materials and equipment for landscape design;
  • technologies and equipment for parks and gardens;
  • technologies and equipment for greening and provision of public facilities;
  • horticulture/ design/ phyto design.

Numbers and facts:

Interval: annual
Participants: 200 companies from 6 countries
Visitors: more than 18.000
Exhibition area: 9,990 sq. m.


    Russian and international manufacturers and suppliers of the following:
  • equipment and materials for greenhouses and conservatories;
  • equipment for floral and ornamental products storage;
  • systems and containers for floral and ornamental products transportation;
  • materials and equipment for landscape design and development;
  • seeds and planting material;
  • fresh and potted flowers, artificial flowers, resistant plants and immortelles;
  • equipment for arrangement of outdoor leisure and recreation areas;
  • grounds, crop protection tools and fertilizers;
  • equipment for arrangement of outdoor leisure and recreation areas;
    as well as landscape designers, artists and architects, horticulturists and greensmen, florists, phytodesigners, topiary designers, flower shops, floral salons and horticultural centers.

Participation in the exhibition is an effective tool, which helps you promptly find new clients, boost your sales by establishing direct contacts and expand geographically your market presence.

    Exhibition guests:
  • procurers for park and garden entities (provision of public facilities and communal area greening), greensmen;
  • business structures and entities upkeeping gardens, parks and nature reserves;
  • distribution networks, wholesale and retail flower shops, floral salons and garden centers;
  • florist schools and studios;
  • designers and decorators;
  • end users of florist services: cultural institutions, recreation centers and areas, restaurant and hotel businesses, commercial and business centers;
  • manufacturers of floral and ornamental products;

Participation in the exhibition provides a unique opportunity for professionals to compare the offers by the variety of companies, make best choices on price and quality, find out more about new products on the Russian and international markets.