Irina Lunkova: the Exhibition is to Present the Thriving City of the Future!

It was 26 years ago when the FLOWERS & CITY Exhibition gathered together selectionists, plant breeders, nursery people, agriculturists, landscape architects, and florists on its venue for the first time. In the year of the 80th anniversary of VDNH, the main Russian exhibition venue, the FLOWERS & CITY Exhibition has renewed its concept and changed its format. Only vivid emotions and a feeling of magic our exhibition brings every year will remain the same. Irina Lunkova, a head of the project, elaborates.

This year we are particularly focused and excited getting ready for the exhibition, since it will be opened in the midst of VDNH jubilee celebrations. It is critical for our exhibition to grace this historical event in a proper manner. Any project that has existed for such a long time must respond to inquiries of the society to stay on track. One of today’s relevant issues is beautification and greening of cities. That’s why this year the exposition is thematically divided into two sections: Flowers and City.
As you see, so many landscaped areas, flowers, unique landscape solutions had already appeared in Moscow, so it was decided to make a special section dedicated to urban greening in the framework of our exhibition. We’ll hold the roundtable discussion “Green Future of Cities: Special Aspects of Keeping Urban Plants” for urban beautification experts, the 21st International Scientific and Practical Forum “Problems of Greening in Large Cities,” the conference “New Projects of Public Spaces” arranged by the partner of the exhibition—Festival “Gardens and People at VDNH,” as well as an open educational session for amateur gardeners “Landscape Design and Architecture.”
Our regular visitors will be interested in looking at the main exposition in the Flowers section. Nurseries will also present their novelties: ornamental and garden plants, equipment, raw materials and materials for nurseries, seeds, bulbs, means of protection, equipment and packages for transportation and sale of flowers; store fixtures and fittings for flower shops/salons; greenhouse and hothouse equipment; technologies, materials and equipment for landscape design; technologies and equipment for gardens and parks.
In the framework of the Business Program, the Floriculture Pavilion at VDNH will present the latest selection achievements and a series of practical seminars on plant and berry cultivation agrotechnology.
A truly unique performance is waiting for you in the framework of the floristic program. This year actual celebrities of floristry will pay us a visit! During all three days, the Floristic Marathon will be held at the exhibition. It was the site of the Flowers Exhibition at VDNH where it was invented and implemented for the first time. It’s a breathtaking and incredibly beautiful process. There will be nonstop shows featuring Russian and international celebrities: Slava Rosca, Vadim Kazansky, Irina Golubeva, Anastasia Shekherina, Roman Zarubin, Olga Zvereva, Pavel Gorbenko (Russia), Ksenia Alland (Russia—China), Elena Dryuchan (Ukraine), Tanaka Kazuhiko (Japan), Leo Chung Lichun (Taiwan). A workshop performed by Yulia Brui, a President of the International Association of Edible Floristics, on creating fruit and vegetable bouquets will be an unusual surprise.
I’d like to turn attention of professionals to the stand of the Floriculturists of Moscow club which will not just present a selection variety of flowers, but share practical skills and abilities to grow and preserve them.
Certainly, a collective exposition of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, where one will have a chance not to see the latest results of Russian scientific institutes in field of selection only, but to taste fruit and small-fruit crops as well, will certainly be an interesting (and delicious!) event.
Events of the Flower Kitchen will be a genuine gift for true gourmets and advocates of healthy lifestyle: flower cuisine by Natalya Zamyatina, an agriculturist of the Botanical Garden of I.M. Sechenov Medical University where medical herbs are grown; smoothies and green dishes by Victoria Butenko, a founder of raw food diet in Russia; exclusive workshops by eco-bloggers; a workshop on creating marshmallow flowers by Valeria Nagornaya; a workshop on alternative ways of making unusual sort of tea by the Oblepikha tea studio.
Young visitors can enjoy themselves in an interactive area “City of Kids.” Non-governmental organization “Art Flora” and the Palace of Pioneers on Vorobyovy Gory will hold creative workshops on making flower compositions and present bouquets and flower costumes made by kids.
And the Professional International Florist Competition will definitely become one of the brightest and the most memorable events gathering participants from different countries. The Competition will be held with support of the Association of Russian Florists. It’s a sort of a come back to the origins, since the Florist Competition was first held at the Flowers Exhibition in 2000. Saving traditions and reviving the history of our exhibition we create the future!
We are waiting for you, dear friends and colleagues, making surprises and presents!