Workshops “Tea in a New Way” by the Oblepikha Teahouse

For two days the Flower Kitchen of Flower & City 2019 will be filled with aromas of unusual designer teas: on August 2.223 the Oblepikha teahouse will be waiting for guests to visit its workshops “Tea in a New Way”.

Oblepikha teahouse is a new format of a cozy tea party in a dynamic city, where one can try unique fruit & berry, herbal and other kinds of tea with natural ingredients, fresh berries and herbs cooked following special recipes gathered from every corner of the world.

  • best fruit & berry tea (sea-buckthorn, strawberry & sweet basil, mango-passion fruit and so on),
  • loose-leaf tea (black, green),
  • herbal tea (repertories from Siberia),
  • unconventional tea (curry, matcha and so on).

Designer teas intricately reveal tastes of sweet raspberry and juicy Thai mango, Siberian herbal repertories, fragrant mint and northern honey.
Unusual methods of making tea are a sort of Oblepikha’s trademark. An alternative way to brew tea—in a siphon tube—will be introduced to guests of the exhibition.
Also the program of the event includes a presentation of some items from an extensive teahouse menu: unusual flower teas; teas of young leaves, flowers and roots, as well as a tasting session.