The Best Dutch Tulips by Svetol

Svetol has been engaged in wholesale deliveries of tulip bulbs and other flowering bulbs from Holland for the pasture and for greening since 2007. The planting material is supplied by leading Dutch manufacturers and traders.

​“Just as before, we carefully grow every flower from a Dutch bulb of high quality measuring 12+ cm in circumference in our flower farm in Zheleznodorozhny,” the company said. “It’s a large farm near Moscow with 30 years of experience in growing tulips and lilies in greenhouses. In order to achieve maximal results, we regularly invite Dutch specialists from companies supplying bulbs. They hold consultations on forcing technologies and monitor the process of flower production. Thus, we ‘guide’ flowers from the bulb phase to their complete ripeness, figuratively speaking. Currently we work with several leading planting material suppliers from Holland.
Today Svetol can deliver bulbs to any corner of Russia and CIS. The cost of delivery is calculated on an individual basis. At the exhibition, one can order tulip bulbs of the 2019 harvest from leading Dutch producers.