Kapital-PROK: Crop Without Losses

Kapital-PROK JSC–a leader in production and sales of supplement feeds, rodenticides, garden agents–is a regular participant of the exhibition. This year it will present a line of complex mineral and organic fertilizers at its stand.

Products are fully compliant with the Human Eco Space concept developed in the company, which Kapital-PROK has adhered to for 20 years already: clean houses, healthy gardens, healthy animals, and healthy food.
Ryazanochka A is a complex starter fertilizer for top-dressing of small-fruit crops in order to get heavy yield, early maturity, improved flavor and extrinsic properties, increased plant resistance to fungoid diseases, and soil fertility.
Semitsvetik A is a well-balanced universal mineral fertilizer for flower crops and ornamental plants aimed at top-dressing, prevention of fungoid diseases, improvement of decorative properties and abundant flowering. It helps overcome blossom wilt, lightening of leaves and appearance of spots on them.
Sudarushka A is the first help in solving such problems as poor growth and development of plants, appearance of yellow or brown spots, chlorosis, barren flowers and fruit drops. It’s a well-balanced universal mineral fertilizer for top-dressing of vegetable and green crops, prevention of fungoid diseases, yield enhancement of open and protected grounds.
All information about the company is available on the official website of Kapital-PROK JSC: prok.ru.