Kimira Ltd: Beauty Demands... Fertilizers!

KIMIRA LTD is a manufacturer of complex mineral fertilizers with minor components for professionals, horticulturists and landscape architects. The company will demonstrate its products in convenient packages at the exhibition—both special granulated and starter fertilizers.

The enterprise produces complex fertilizer mixtures from high-quality import and Russian components registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. All kinds of fertilizers are designed by agriculturists of the company with professional programs, including biological ones. Specialists of the company have a great experience in field of production and application of fertilizers, know special aspects and growth environment of plants in various zones. They are always ready to help define final results in advance and lay the groundwork for them.
Today the enterprise produces eleven standard brands of fertilizers and about 100 kinds of special formula brands tailor-made for customers taking conventional yield and natural soil fertility in different growing areas in account.
Permanent process monitoring guarantees a high quality of fertilizers. Automated raw material dosage control ensures composition homogeneity and compliance of fertilizer composition with declared values.