The Florist Marathon will discover new talents!

A unique three-day FLORIST MARATHON with a series of florist shows (August 22-24, 2019) organized by JSC VDNH, the Association of Russian Florists and the SLAVA ROSCA Flower Studio will certainly be one of the brightest and the most colorful events of the Business Program of the Exhibition.

True magic will be worked on the main venue for three days - leading Russian florists along with beginners at the tender age will show their skills. The main thing is not to be overwhelmed with emotions that will definitely be in the air these days in Pavilion No. 75 of VDNH. Vyacheslav Rosca, awardee and diploma winner of Russian and international competition, prize winner of the Russian Florist Cup and the European Florist Championship; Vadim Kazansky, champion of Russia in professional floristry, head and trainer of the New Floristry School (Novosibirsk); Tanaka Kazuhiko, member of AIFD, WFC, Sogetsu IKEBANA and NFD, winner of the FDSS Cup 2018, floristry trainer in Hong Kong, China, South Korea and other countries; Pavel Gorbenko, master florist, teacher, silver medalist of the INTERFLORA RUSSIA CUP; Oksana Sherebirova, founder of the Siberia International Floristry School, Champion of Kazakhstan in professional floristry and a multiple international competitions and festivals winner and many others are among masters.
Vyacheslav Rosca, founder of the SLAVA ROSCA studio, has surprised and inspired experts of floristry with his works for a few years in a row. He likes working with plastic, metal and wood avoiding visually aggressive materials. One of Roca studio trends is bouquets decorated with fir-needles. Vyacheslav is sure that florists must take part in competitions to get unforgettable experience and inspiration: “Events like the Florist Marathon help to develop and promote Russian floristry. We are looking for new talents! What tomorrow hold for you? We are willing to surprise, enrapture and teach; there is a host of ideas and many news ahead. For the first time ever a floristry competition for everyone who feels like showing their skills will be held in the framework of the exhibition. Don’t miss The Color of Emotions at VDNH 2019, a colorful event of the year!
WE INVITE FLORISTS TO HAVE A SHOT in a professional international competition! And we are waiting for everyone interested to visit spectacular floristic shows!