Nadezhda Luschik: Flower&City Exhibition is always a great feast of communication

Last spring “Floriculturists of Moscow” club under the Nature Restoration and Conservation Society (NRCS), a permanent participant of the exhibition, celebrated its 85th anniversary! Nadezhda Luschik, Chairperson of the “Floriculturists of Moscow” club under the Nature Restoration and Conservation Society (NRCS) NGO, told us how the club had changed during its history of almost a century, how cooperation between Moscow floriculturists and the Flowers&City had started, as well as about the most interesting things club specialists prepared for the exhibition that year.

– I can’t even believe that our “Floriculturists of Moscow” club is 85 years old already. It’s been a whole era! How have you reached this date? What have you achieved? What are your plans for the future?
– In 1933, due to the initiative of All-Union Headman Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin a non-governmental organization was established in Moscow, which is known as the Nature Restoration and Conservation Society today. A year later, a floriculture section appeared within the organization, which is known as the “Floriculturists of Moscow” club today.
Over the years the club has gathered together incredible people who are fond of collecting ornamental plants, know almost everything about flowers, create the garden of their dreams and share their knowledge with gardening newcomers generously. Since autumn till spring classes on certain crops, garden design&stylistics are held in the club. Spring and in summer is the time of reporting exhibitions of various sections and the club in general.
The club has accumulated all kinds of experience in flower crop agricultural techniques. Rare vanishing varieties have been preserved and adapted to conditions of Moscow suburbs. Unique collections of perennials and shrubs have been collected to become a national treasure of Russia.
An advisory centre, a school of practical gardening and a lecture hall uniting all the club were created. Our club has long-established close ties with botanical gardens, research and development institutes, breeding nurseries, farms and state owned farms (sovkhozes) involved in floriculture. There’s practically no periodicals on floriculture, where articles by members of our club are not published.
Our club is also involved in charity. In spring and in autumn a special event ‘Green Money-box’ takes place: we bring perennial planting material from our gardens and distribute it for free according to requests of city organizations. Multiple projects on greening territories of nursery schools, churches, cultural sites, etc. have been created and implemented. We plan to conserve traditions, attract new members and cooperate with the city more closely.
– How did your partnership with the Flowers Exhibition start?
– We have participated in the Exhibition since 1998. And before we used to give lectures in the framework of the educational program of the Floriculture pavilion initiated by Kamilla Alexeevna Sevastyanova, Director of the Floriculture&Greening pavilion. Our club has been awarded with diplomas, medals and letters of appreciation by the Government of Moscow and VDNH many times for decorations of our stand at the international exhibition and presented novelties of flower productions.
– What can visitors of the exhibition see at the stand of the “Floriculturists of Moscow” club this year?
– They will see ornamental plants that bloom in our gardens, such as phloxes, cornflags, heliopsis, hydrangeas and so on. At the stand our consultants will answer questions regarding agricultural techniques, sections and club work, participation in exhibitions and the Green Money-box event.
– Could you elaborate what your lectures will be about, please? Who will be interested – who is your audience?
– At the first lecture “Creating a Super Garden with Modern Biotechnologies” we will tell about the comprehensive approach to taking care of a fruit and ornamental garden, ways to revive and support soil fertility. A market of consumer market means for taking care of garden will be reviewed with an emphasis on the most eco-friendly and harmless for man biological preparations.
The second lecture – “Species Diversity of Willows for Small Gardens, from Miniatures to Giants”. It will focus on agricultural techniques, garden compositions, willow species variety and pullulation.
The lecture “Stimix Microbial Preparations of New Generation for Better Soil Fertility” will address methods and results of application of microbial preparations.
– Why is participation in the exhibition valuable to you?
– The exhibition brings much new and fresh information, which is equally interesting for amateur gardeners and professionals. Besides, it’s always a great feast of communication; multiple new and interesting contacts are established at the exhibition, and new meetings occur. I think, it’s very important. See you at our stand! And we wish the exhibition further prosperity wholeheartedly!