Handmade multi-breed trees – a workshop by Andrey Tumanov

On August 23, a workshop by Andrey Tumanov, a popular Russian TV-host, journalist and founder of the School of Gardeners, will be held in the framework of the Business Program. The gardener is convinced that everyone must plant a garden or at least a tree in their lives. And he is ready to teach any visitor of the seminar.
Hall B, FORUM No. 2

May hobby farms, gardens and vegetable lots bring joy to toy! That’s how Andrey Vladimirovich usually start talking to gardeners. He’s absolutely sure that working at one’s own land must not be useful only, but bring joy as well. “Don’t make it about hobby farms, create biocenosis – a living community. It’s much more interesting than a lawn with three flowers,” Tumanov says.
Founder of the of the School of Gardeners will tell what plants can be a part of the biocenosis, whether usefulness and beauty are compatible in allotment gardens and what other cultures can be grown in Central Russia in great details, also providing practical recommendations.