Looking for high-quality seeds? Then you need the POISK Holding!

The platform of the POISK Holding (‘poisk’ meaning ‘search’ in Russian) is always crowded, as multi-discipline experts are interested in products of the company. The company is certain, this year there will never be a dull moment, since the stand will presents the latest selection products, as well as seed and planting materials.

Over 27 years of work POISK has become a large multi-industry holding comprising over 30 business units, such as a breeding center, a plant nursery, a greenhouse facility, manufacturing and sales organizations, a landscape architecture bureau and 4 foreign units. Today the POISK Agricultural Holding is rightfully considered a leader in both professional and amateur markets of seeds and planting material.
There are more than 1,000 employees in the company, including 5 Doctors of Science, 21 Candidates of Sciences, as well as graduate assistants and postgraduate degree seekers. Over 30 breeders select 18 vegetable crops and phloxes. Plant and machinery include more than 200 hectares of open ground near Moscow, 6 hectares of protected ground (winter greenhouses) and 9 hectares of spring plastic foil house, 7 hectares in the Rostov Region, as well as manufacturing units involved in seed cleaning, as well as refining and packaging of planting materials.
In-house production of seeds, seedlings, ornamental plants and wild strawberry ensure he company’s high independence from third-party suppliers. Seeds are produced in the best natural and climatic zones of the Russian Federation and abroad under breeders’ authorial control. Seedlings and ornamental plants are produced under cutting-to-edge technologies, including foreign ones. The example is production of sprigs under the German Grunewald technology.