Agrolan will protect your harvest against birds

Agrolan is a company keeping guard over farmers and gardeners; it produces effective means for plant protection and growth. The latest novelties protecting against birds will be presented at the exhibition.

Outbreaks of birds in the period of fruits and berries ripening are globally considered as public calamity, just like a grasshopper plague. Starlings can destroy up to 50% of black grape varieties and up to 25% of white grape varieties in some years. Many bird species are afraid of predators, predatory birds in particular. Agrolan will present several models of bird deterrents at once. The KRUK dynamic bird deterrent (kite) designed as a silhouette of a predatory bird is to be placed on a 4-6 m long throw-line above seed plots. KRUK perfectly imitates a flying live predator even in the lightest breeze — from 3-4 m/s. Also it can withstand wind flaws up to 15-20 m/s. Key advantages of the KRUK dynamic bird deterrent are its high efficiency, harmlessness for birds, independence from power sources, absolute noiselessness (so it can be used next to residential houses), simple installation and exploitation.
Also, currently the company is actively searching after ways to deter other pest birds species. Area of application: vineyards, gardens, allotment gardens, roofs of buildings, wharves, ponds, disposal sites, industrial areas.