Exquisite flowers for amateurs and professionals

An open venue of the Flower Fair in front of Pavilion No. 75 will feature the highlights of rare garden plants and perennials presented by Tatyana Gorunova, a self-employed self-employed individual and founder of GREENDACHA Club, including Daylily ‘Open Season’, one of the best bright red daylilies with wide corrugated golden-yellow bostryx borders.

Ornamental and winter-resistant features of all plants the experienced floriculturist offers are time-tested. Tatyana doesn’t only offer exquisite plants that can grace any garden, but also provide responsible advices regarding planting and growing methods. Tatyana Gorunova is a great example of people who turn a common hobby into a deal of a lifetime. Tatyana graduated from MAI and she used to bring home rare plants from every corner of the USSR after her business trips. She got a profession of landscape designer soon. She wrote multiple articles for journals, gave lectures on floriculture regularly and appeared on TV. Now her collections include both popular flowers floriculturists of the central part of the country prefer and rare plants.