Organic livestock farming is the thing of the future, BASHINKOM considers

There are initiatives aimed at attracting public attention to the problem of desertisation and soil degradation all across the world. Our participant BASHINKOM Research and Innovation Company is hugely involved in them.

The enterprise developed and launched its first product – GUMI humic fertilizer – in 1992. Popularity of the GUMI trademark has permanently increased ever since, and the geography of its presence is expanding steadily.
Belaboring the topic of humic treatment the enterprise developed a line of gentle organo-mineral fertilizers GUMI-OMI that were ideally balanced according to the formula designed for various kinds of crops. Fertilizers of the line were primarily focused on vegetable and fruit and berry crops, as well as flowers.
Accumulated experience in development and introduction of agricultural preparations multiplied by a critical overview of Russian and international theory and practice of farming has led specialists of the company to establishment of the Organic Livestock Farming system. The OLF system implies friendly and careful attitude to the land and everything that grows on it seeing it as a one whole living organism; activation of natural vivifying mechanisms; rejection of chemical nutrient media and crop protection agents, application of natural, environmentally-safe components only. The OLF system allows not increasing crops twice and more only, but also getting agricultural products of unparalleled quality.
“We urge agriculturists and common horticulturists to use humic and microbiological preparations, to ditch chemical measures in favor of biological ones, to plant break crops,” was how specialists of the company addressed their colleagues. “It will help to protect our native lands from desertisation and feed every Russian with delicious, environmentally clean products. Organic Livestock Farming principles enable restoration of soil fertility due to its revitalization.”