Artificial Pond − the Area of Relax and Inspiration

The artificial pond will traditionally be one of visitors’ favorite areas of the exhibition. Located in the centre of a pavilion, across from the Green Theatre, it’s definitely a centre of attraction and a relax area.

Plants from water nurseries and coastal plants will be presented in the pond with an area of ????. The display will be complemented with flower carpets of Colchicum. Visitors will see premiers of water plants presented at the exhibition for the first time, such as Euryale ferox, Eichhornia, Nymphaea.
Water plants, or hydrophytes, growing in natural water bodies only do not just decorate them, but clear them as well and create biological microclimate. Using them for beautification of a pond or a pool on the territory of the country house or the allotment can help to decorate the landscape. Specialists that have created the pond in the exhibition pavilion will consult and tell how to set out water plants correctly and how to take care of them.