Denis Safonov: We’ve Set Out Over 300,000 Large-sized Plants Already!

Russkie Prostory Ltd. − a plant nursery in Lipetsk involved in arboriculture and sales of nursery trees and shrubs - will present its best plant varieties to guests of the event: Dogwood Elegantissima and Shpetta, Viburnum Roseum and Physocarpus Red Baron, and, of course, its best samples of conifers. Denis Safonov, General Director of Zelenye Linii, the company Russkie Prostory is affiliated with, is certain that every plant need an individual approach.

The plant nursery was established in the Lipetsk Region in 2008. A bit later, the PJSC Zelenye Linii was founded to unite four companies that complement each other harmonically in a complex approach to beautification and greening of the territory. Mainly we deal with hardwood and softwood planting materials, as well as fruit trees and shrubs. They are bareroot nursery trees and ones with a closed root system in pots, containers and with root balls. Today, the Russkie Prostory nursery has united four companies to gather a collection of 400 plant varieties used for landscape design. The nursery is based on 5 ha and expected to be extended up to 70 hectares eventually.
Since our companies had been united, we have set out over 300,000 large-sized plants from our own nurseries, as well as a large number of bushes and perennials. We have implemented over 200 greening and landscape design projects.
Our loyal customers can verify that our plants have elaborate root systems and great indicators of habitus (outlook).

Everyone tries not just to make their allotment green, but to make them beautiful, and hardly anyone is able to do it. One can either call for a landscape designer or try themselves. Landscaping requires making a plan and putting points where future bushes and trees will grow on it. Then it is necessary to define what kinds of plants, shrubs and trees will grow at the allotment. There is a garden centre in our nursery, where one can buy large-sized trees, seedlings, roll lawn, as well as associated goods for your garden. It should be kept in mind that every style implies certain plant varieties, and every plant needs an individual approach.
Planting large-sized trees is one of the most critical and most significant phases of landscape activities on beautification and greening of the territory. We have worked in field of professional beautification of urban public spaces and allotment gardens, and country garden greening for more than 20 years. Large‑sized trees are planted with special technical equipment and automotive transport. This work is very labor-consuming, hard and critical. Planting material should be healthy, of height that corresponds to the age of a tree, an elaborate root system, tree trunks of certain height and thickness, and the proper way of branching for this plant variety. Plants from our nursery are notable for a high quality and decorative value.
In Moscow and the Moscow Region, you can obtain nursery and large-sized trees of the main varieties: Pinus sylvestris, Picea abies, Picea pungens glauca, Pinus sibirica, Tilia cordata, Acer platanoides, Sorbus aucuparia, Betula pendula, Aesculus hippocastanum, Quercus robur, Larix decidua, Abies, Pseudotsuga.
Large-sized trees are planted in winter with onset of stationary freezing temperature. So you’ll have time to choose from suitable plants for your allotment from samples presented at our stand, to receive an expert advice and to place an order right here, at the stand. Looking forward to your questions and orders!