Green future of Сities: Specificities of Urban Plant Management

How to make the urban environment more comfortable? How to preserve and enrich green spaces in the city? What are key mistakes made in urban green space planning in terms of selection and management of urban plants and trees? Leading experts will present professional care solutions, provide recommendations on green space management and speak on the latest urban greening trends at the roundtable discussion in the framework of the Flowers&City Exhibition.

Practitioners of greening and beautification, including scientists, experts in field of urban greening, researchers, students of higher educational establishments, representatives of ecological community and other interested individuals and specialists, will take part in it. Taisia Iosifovna Volftrub, President of the Association of Landscape Architects of Russia (ALAROS), corresponding member of the International Academy of Architecture, will act as a moderator. “Participation in the roundtable discussion can be useful for everyone who is involved in landscape architecture and solution of such problems as increasing a level of comfort in public spaces and creating conveniences of the urban environment,” Taisia Iosifovna said.
The program of the event includes discussion of landscape architecture, problems of urban plantation management, specificities of use and development of green spaces in the context of a megalopolis as exemplified by the landscape complex of the Zaryadye Park, best practices of creating and keeping city lawns and so on.
Time of the event: August 22, 15:00–17:30.
Venue: Moscow, VDNH, Pavilion No.75, Hall A, Big Forum.
Organizers: ALAROS, JSC VDNH, the Russian Nursery Stock Association.