Coconut Fiber Substrates are to Provide Heavy Yield

Wiscom Trading Co LTD., a leading supplier of coconut peel derived products, will present a wide assortment at the exhibition: coconut fiber substrates, coconut fiber, mulch, and geotextile for landscape design, covers and many other things.

Over recent years, farmers have appreciated effectiveness of coconut fiber substrates highly. Soils are easily exhausted, they accumulate diseases and pests. It’s quite labor-consuming and expensive to replace soils. That’s why many households started using small-volume technologies based on mineral‑cotton or coconut substrates.
For example, the COCOLAND® coconut substrate will be perfect for a mini greenhouse with strawberry. Strawberry grown with coconut substrates is less exposed to root rot, as it is impossible to get waterlogged: surplus of water easily leaks. After irrigation, berry-producing shrubs get a necessary amount of water quickly without suffering of excessive moisture. COCOLAND® mats can be used repeatedly (2–3 times) with a change of cultures or not.
The company has been in the Russian market since 2008 and it has proved itself as a reliable supplier. Products are supplied directly from Sri Lanka. There are the largest Russian greenhouse enterprises, professional agriculturists, landscape designers, nurserypeople, garden centres and wholesale and retail companies among its partners.