STM Trade will Create a Warm Ambience at Your Hobby Farm

STM Trade will present a broad assortment of products under Schastlivy Dachnik label at the exhibition − everything one needs for hobby farming.

A line of bioactive preparations is designed to help with solving problems related to domestic waste recovery, development of ecologically-friendly fertilizers, elimination of foul smells caused by decaying grass, leaves or food residues. Hydrogel highly-demanded among many allotment gardeners − a kind of a water accumulator − will allow reducing a frequency of irrigation and improve ripening conditions for vegetable, fruit and berry crops. A line of decorative solar-powered lanterns operating from a natural source of energy − sunshine − is also one of the most popular goods among consumers.
These and other goods by STM Trade will facilitate seasonal farming significantly to make the country house yard a more comfortable place for rest; they will help arrange a picnic easily, bring a royal view to one’s house or garden, as well as esthetic pleasure to their owner.