The Floral Design Competition is Finished: the Main Prize Went to China!

The Professional International Floral Design Competition, which finished its work on the exhibition last day, this year brought together bright names from different countries. The Chinese florist Tan Jun Hai won the first prize.

The main theme of this year's competition – COLOR OF EMOTIONS was met with thunderous applause. Contestants from different countries created compositions of unusual beauty in the categories Joy of Meeting, Emotions of Love and Goodbye, Summer. A separate task for the participants was “surprise work”, for which florists needed to create a composition on an arbitrary theme of jury’s choice without preliminary preparation.

A professional jury headed by Valentina Safronova, President of the Association of Russian Florists, evaluated each work carefully and censoriously. But professionals and lovers of floristry who gathered in the hall greeted each competitive composition with stormy applause. It was truly great!

As a result, the 1st place by a majority of votes was given to the master from China – Tan Jun Hai, who caused a real flurry of emotions. The floral composition of the phytodesign teacher Anna Novotortseva took the second place. And the third place went to Nina Fomkina, one of the best florists in the country.

“Thanks to everyone who supported me in this competition! The competition was great, – Nina Fomkina commented on her victory. – Although I did not manage to complete all the tasks for objective reasons, I am happy with at least two of my compositions.”