Madame Vegeta Again Surprised with Unusual Combinations of Vegetables and Flowers

The President of the International Association for Edible Floristics Julia Bruy prepared an unusual surprise for the guests. Visitors to the exhibition can see live in person the process of shaping creative fruit and vegetable bouquets.

A master class with vegetative bouquets by Julia Bruy who is known to professionals as Madame Vegeta was held in bright and positive manner. Julia said that a pepper veggie with sharp red chili peppers became a popular wedding gift – that the family life of the newlyweds never lost their spice and piquancy!

The vegetarian composition Mushroom Roast by unanimous decision of the participants in the master class went to charming and impressive master.

Julia has the following “arsenal” – the most unusual solutions and combinations of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. For example, her bouquets Peonies and Garlic or Garlic and Blueberries, which caused a sensation among experts, she finds to be an ideal solution.

Food floristry is a relatively new genre of fine art for creating compositions from vegetables, fruits, delicacies, and sweets that opens up a “sea” of opportunities for creation not only in creative work, but also in commercial activities.