Dmitry Skotnikov: BashIncom in Every Possible Way Develops the Trend for Organic Farming

Research and Development Enterprise BASHINKOM – one of the long-standing exhibitors, every year represents New Products, which consistently get prizes. This year 2 preparations – 33 Bogatyrya (33 heroes) and Kormilitsa Mycorrhiza (The Nurse Mycorrhiza) get the exhibition gold medals. Dmitry Skotnikov, Ph.D. in biology, senior researcher at the enterprise, spoke about the advantages of his products and plans for the coming season.

– This is not the first time that we participate in the exhibition, and every time we try to present the widest range possible. This year we present our new product – Kormilitsa Mycorrhiza, a microbiological preparation based on fungi of the genus Glomus, an almost universal preparation for most cultivated plants that makes them more powerful and increases the number of suction roots. The formation of mycorrhiza itself is a unique natural formation, and we managed to take it “for service”.

Amateurs and professionals know well your GUMI (ГУМИ) trademark. Is this preparation still in your product range?

Despite the fact that GUMI fertilizer is already 25 years old, it is still in demand by our gardeners. Since then, we have improved it, developed a line of soft GUMI-OMI mineral and organic fertilizers enriched with highly effective humates and microelements that are optimally balanced by recipe for various groups of cultivated plants.

Fertilizers of the line were primarily focused on vegetable and fruit and berry crops, as well as flowers.

But now we have tried to draw the visitors’ attention to our latest products – 33 Bogatyrya and Kormilitsa Mycorrhiza. The first drug “works” as one having a healthy and revitalizing effect on the soil. Kormilitsa Mycorrhiza is just a find for all perennial and even annual plants that supports powerfully the root system.

Your company is also engaged in extensive educational activities. Tell us about this in more detail, please!

We share our experience and recommendations, firstly, through our newspaper Moya Gryadka (My Garden Bed), where we publish on a permanent basis the tests results, talk about the preparation effects. Secondly, we have our own YouTube channel where we post video news, use instructions for preparations, show master classes, and talk about various events where we participate. After all, we are actively working with large agricultural companies, hold field events, and participate in Field Days event.

We work with more than 80 regions of Russia, as well as with countries of near and far abroad. We began cooperation with Turkey, conducted tests in Malaysia. Climatic features therewith are not important. Plants can experience stress in almost any corner of our planet, somewhere it's too hot, somewhere, on the contrary, it's cold, we have the means to help any plants to relieve stress, overcome various infections and prevent them.

The cornerstone of our company’s philosophy is Environmentally Friendly Organic Living Farming. We advocate the management of just such farming that allows you to get safe, healthy products that are as saturated as possible with vitamins, antioxidants, microelements, and therewith to prevent the accumulation of pesticides and other toxic chemicals in the soil and in the crop.

The all-time director of our company, the chief ideological leader Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, a very passionate person, believes that environmental education should begin in early childhood, so he even came up with a whole series of fairy tales for children that tells how to make friends with healthy germs, how to grow plants correctly so as not to offend them.

Now the society has seen a trend in greening farming, and large agricultural enterprises have begun to follow this, trying to rebuild their technologies for cultivating the land and caring for plants. We have such friends – the Pugachevskoye Special Partnership in the Penza Region, the manager of which Anatoly Shugurov does not use any means at all to grow wheat. Their Shugurov’s flour is a unique environmentally friendly product. This is a vivid example that you can use organic farming on even a large scale to get competitive products, including at a price.

We are glad that more and more people follow this path of organic farming. There at the exhibition, we met with our long-standing partners. There were also new people who became interested in our products. This time there were many rogue entrepreneurs who master the Environmentally Friendly Organic Living Farming (EFOLF) in their household plots. We are pleased to talk about the action mechanisms of preparations. We try to advice as far as possible, forward to our channel, where you can find information for users of any level.