The Round Table Discussion Raised the Problems of Gardening and Urban Improvement

The Round table discussion The Green Future of Cities held as part of the exhibition business program, brought together experts from different regions of Russia. The President of the Russian Association of Landscaping Architects Taisia Wolftrub acted as the moderator of the Round table discussion. How to make the urban environment more comfortable, how to preserve and enrich green plantings in the city? Based on practical experience, the leading experts presented professional care solutions and gave recommendations in maintaining of green plantings.


Practitioners of greening and beautification, including scientists, experts in field of urban greening, researchers, students of higher educational establishments, representatives of ecological community and other interested individuals and specialists, took part in the conference. Taisiya Wolftrub commented on the Round table discussion results:

– The exhibition Flowers was born in 1993, and since then it has been constantly our main platform for discussing current professional topics. Last year, the panel discussion topic was dedicated to open spaces, their planning and creation. But this year we decided to continue this topic from a different perspective – in terms of care and maintenance of green spaces. It is no coincidence that we raised the topic of professional plant care in urban settings. Because even in our capital, where, as they say, “green light” is given to the plantings, we do not see proper caring for urban plantings. Nevertheless, they require a special attention. Moving from nurseries, planting on a strange land is a big stress for trees. A tree is like a child, and requires not only food – moisture, care, nutrition, but also a lot of attention and care. So this should be done by specialists who are currently in desperately shortage.

At the Round table discussion we tried to consider what are key mistakes made in urban green space planning in terms of selection and management of urban plants and trees? The presentation by Lidia Seraya, head of the Gartenburg Plant Protection Center, the manager of department for pathology of ornamental and horticultural crops, on the treatment and saving of urban plantings, was of great interest. Lidia Georgievna quite rightly believes that any landings are meaningless without timely nursing and caring.

We have listened to the excellent speech of Vera Glukhova, the General Director of Vera Glukhova Garden Center Group from Samara. She said that if they even had no budget for the maintenance of green plants, they had not given up on their planting. We took care for free of charge since professional responsibility did not allow us to give up on plants ecizing in difficult anthropogenic conditions.

At the end of the Round table discussion, the participants decided to prepare a Memorandum on the urgent problems for maintaining urban plantings and make suggestions on conducting educational work with the population on the careful attitude to green plantings.