Oktyabrina Ganichkina Taught How to Prepare the Garden for Winter Properly

Speech by Oktyabrina Ganichkina, PhD in Agriculture, the all-time TV presenter of the programs: Ogorod — Krugly God (Garden – All Year Round), Sad i Ogorod (Garden and Kitchen Garden), Luchki-Puchki (Beams-Wisps), Dachnye Istorii (Country stories) and radio column Sovety Ogorodnikam (Tips for Gardeners) was one of the highlights of the exhibition final day.

Oktyabrina Ganichkina devoted her seminar to an urgent topic: how to prepare properly decorative cultures for the winter period?

As always, Oktyabrina Alekseevna held her master class “at one go” in her unique positive style. She talked about the importance of preparing the greenhouse for winter that should consist in cleaning and final processing of all the greenhouse components: to arrange the soil on the greenhouse beds and disinfect the structure (frame, covering material).

The TV presenter received many questions related to preparing the garden for winter. The main advice from the TV presenter was the following: don't hurry to cover fruit trees to prevent them from rotting. You should start to cover young apple trees before the average daily temperature of 10°C is prevailed, but therewith try not to leave the trees without minimal protection during the first severe frosts.

Within two hours, Oktyabrina Alekseevna shared her secrets and her own experience with visitors and participants of the exhibition and promised to visit the exhibition the next year.