An Ideal Flower for an Ideal Bouquet from SPK (Agricultural Production Cooperative) Manych

The agricultural production cooperative Manych from the Krasnodar Territory for the first time presented at the exhibition its business unit operated in cultivation of peonies. The visitors to the exhibition could make pre-orders for both cutting and tuber planting material.

The company’s manager Elizaveta Karpenko spoke about the features of the varieties presented and about her farm.

– We are represented for the first time at the exhibition Flowers&City. We were visited by a wide variety of clients – wholesalers, florists, landscape designers and amateur gardeners. We received very good feedback. We chose peonies, because, in our opinion, this is an underdeveloped topic in floriculture. Peonies are perfect for florists to create the most incredible compositions. Gardeners and summer residents also love peonies. In addition, the climate and soil of our Rostov region are ideal for growing peonies.

The main direction is cutting and planting material – tubers. Initially, we purchased Dutch material, and acclimatized at our farm in the Rostov Region. And now we are collecting orders for 2020.

We grow the most popular varieties: the most famous variety in the world – Sarah Bernhard, Red Charm, which has the 1956 American Pion Society gold medal. Coral Sunset – early, peach pink one, and further from greenish-cream to the color of baked milk, and some other varieties.

We work with both wholesale and retail customers. We send orders to customers by mail. We also have a center to give orders in Moscow on Rizhskaya metro station. If we are talking about a large batch, we negotiate the delivery terms and conditions with the customer. We have excellent conditions for customers; we have developed a system of discounts, depending on the batch size.