Phyto-lights Help Prolong the Day

The Tochka Opory (Foothold), a Russian lighting holding company, presented at the exhibition its novelty – racks for growing greens, as well as VermiLIGHT LED fittings of the Optimum and Rassada (Seedlings) series.

The environmental project WORMCAFE.RU is designed by the Tochka Opory Corporation to contribute a fair share to the environment protection. Phyto-lights are designed to provide supplementary lighting for seedlings and various plants in a small area, as well as for single decorative plants. In addition, they can be used to provide supplementary lighting for cages with birds and animals and create more comfortable conditions in low daylight. You can choose the appropriate lights depending on what plants need, in which stage of growth and development they must be highlighted. It is possible to obtain a predicted result in all seasons, regardless of daylight level, when LED phyto-lights used correctly, by influencing effectively the different stages of plant development.

Production of racks for growing greens is an initial project, which, as the company finds, can be demanded by both amateur gardeners to grow seedlings and by consumers in agricultural enterprises.