Vladimir Roses are Not Afraid of Frost!

The Vladimir Roses stand was perhaps one of the most visited for all days of the exhibition. The long-standing visitors to the exhibition know well the founder of this farm, Lyubov Bezrodnova, who every year presents her magnificent planting material for lovers of this royal flower.

On her garden plot, Lyubov Bezrodnova brought out a whole collection of park roses that are resistant to low temperatures. They do not need to be cut off or covered for winter. Now in this collection there are about 400 varieties of roses suitable for growing in climatic conditions not only in the central part of the country, but also in the Urals and Siberia.

At the exhibition right at the stand, in addition to planting material receiving, it was possible to get detailed advice on how to plant and care for non-covering frost-resistant roses. It is important that all the roots are intact, broken roots are cut off by a pruning shear. In the first winter, you need to create comfortable conditions for a rose bush by protecting with a dry cover. After a year, it will be quite simple to spud a rose – let it get used to the frost. In November, cut only flowers and buds. In no case the stems should be shortened – they can freeze to the ground. 60% of all branches will be saved by this way. In the spring, those that have frozen shall be pruned, and new ones will grow and give flowers in due time.

Lyubov Bezrodnova manages to fortify any park roses, even imported ones, and adapt them to the harsh Russian climate.