Ecokiller Makes the House and Garden Free From Insects Quickly and Safely

The production company Kvant presented on the exhibition the innovative insect repellent Ecokiller and garden diatomite, a unique adsorbent that absorbs 100 more than activated carbon.

Since 2009, KVANT has created environmentally friendly products from the natural material Diatomite, which is a rock formed from the remains of algae and protista.

At the exhibition, the company presented several types of diatomite-based products. Ecokiller is a bio-insecticidal agent applicable in places such as: home, apartment, garden, kitchen garden, as well as in the habitats of domestic animals. The action of the preparation is aimed at killing of cockroaches, bugs, ticks, fleas, lice, Colorado beetles, ants, tails and slugs, etc. The main advantages of the preparation: naturality (its composition is completely free of toxic and chemical substances), safety (the active particles of bio-insecticide are so small that they can only affect arthropods, remaining completely safe for humans and animals), innovativeness (a unique method of impact aimed at physical destruction of the body by dehydration). Ecokiller is presented in different packaging – 1 liter, 1.5, and 2 liters.

The garden diatomite, also presented at the exhibition, is a material formed millions of years ago from the remains of silicon shells of diatomic algae. Its properties – high abrasiveness, unique absorption capacity, resistance to acids, and low specific gravity allow to use kieselguhr for various purposes, including in agriculture. The soil improver works as a hydraulic accumulator, allows to strengthen the root system.