Effective participation

Participation in the «Flowers 2020» exhibition serves many business purposes, including those related to sales, manufacturing, advertisement, image making and communication.

  • customer acquisition funnel
  • retention of loyal customers
  • re-engagement with lost customers

  • demonstrating the advantages of goods or services, presenting innovations, assessing the demand on the goods, identifying client needs and studying the competitive environment
  • competitive practices, demonstrating the competitive edge (by means of foreground stand location and size; sponsor status, etc.)
  • acquiring or strengthening the expert status in the professional and client environment (by delivering a speech within the business or scientific components of exhibition agenda)
  • raising brand recognition and visibility
  • integrated advertising campaign that includes a set of advertising and marketing options (placing detailed participant information on the web page, catalogue, exhibition publicity materials, mentioning the company in newsletters and mailing campaigns, press releases, in-print articles and web portals; participation id the business agenda of the exhibition, etc.)

  • shaping or maintaining the reputation of a successful, steadfast and reliable company (by means of foreground stand location and size, product features, personnel qualifications and appearance, sponsor status, etc.)

  • finding suppliers of raw material, equipment and consumables
  • benchmarking, effective solutions and ideas to boost operational excellence and improve performance

  • targeting business opportunities and trends of market development, searching for new markets, target groups and distribution channels
  • searching for new business partners, attracting investments
  • recruitment of skilled personnel

  • establishing or maintaining networking connections with VIP guests (representatives of government entities, specialist institutions, sectoral organizations)

  • establishing contacts or maintaining connection with the representatives of field-specific and business mass media
  • television reports, or publications on field-specific periodicals and web portals through the mass media representatives who cover the exhibition event