Business program

A rich business program of XXVI International Exhibition of flowers, plants, equipment and materials for ornamental gardening and flower business «ЦВЕТЫ/FLOWERS-2017» - the biggest specialized event in the sphere of greening and landscape design- consists of several sets of events of different format, focused on professionals and guests of the exhibition.

Seminar of Sandra Konings, is the Flower Expert in Flower industry, for the first time in Moscow!

This year, Russian visitors of the exhibition “FLOWERS” have a unique opportunity to participate in the workshop of the famous Holland expert Sandra Koning, which will be held 24 August 2017, as part of business program at the International Exhibition "FLOWERS".

Sandra Konings is a well-known person in Flower industry in the world. She is a founder and owner of Trendlogic bv. She is primarily brand creator & trend translator with a background in retail and fashion. As her role is very active within the entire sector, she prefers the name trend translator instead of trend forecaster. Everything starts and ends with a focus on the end users and that is why the consumer is her main point of focus.

Joint training with the expert in Flower industry, will allow participants to gain invaluable professional experience and knowledge of one of the most interesting and sought-after experts in the world.

The seminar is conducted in English with Russian translation. Education is paid. Seats are limited.

We look forward to see participants of the seminar 24 August at the pavilion 75 of the All-Russian Exhibition Center.