Floristic program of the exhibition "Flowers and the City of 2019"

On August 22 to 24, 2019, within the framework of the 26th International Exhibition “Flowers and the City - 2019” (pavilion 75) at the VDNH - one of the most beautiful historical parks in Russia and the world - there will be held a bright and colorful event in the professional floristry field, organized by VDNH JSC, Association of Russian Florists and Flower Studio “SLAVA ROSCA”.
The program includes a unique 3-day FLORISTIC MARATHON with a series of floristic shows (22–24 August 2019), as well as a professional INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF FLORISTS / International Floristic Championship (August 22 to 23, 2019).

What awaits you:

Vyacheslav ROSKA
(Moscow, Russia)

Prizer in several categories, winner of the European Championship 2008, Russian Championship in Professional Floristry 2007 bronze medalist, winner of the Moscow Regional Professional Floristry Competition "Moscow Spring" in 2005 and 2006, floristry trainer in Russia and abroad;

(Novosibirsk, Russia)

Champion of Russia in professional floristry, head and trainer of the New Floristry School (Novosibirsk), organizer and a many-time participant and prize winner of Land Art international festivals;

TANAKA Kazuhiko

Member of AIFD, WFC, Sogetsu IKEBANA and NFD, FDSS Cup - 2018 winner and FDSS Cup - 2006 in Singapore bronze medalist, Tokyo Cup - 1999 gold medalist, floristry trainer in Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Japan;

(Moscow, Russia)

Professional florist-designer (work experience more than 20 years), master florist, teacher, silver medalist «INTERFLORA RUSSIA CUP»;

(Moscow, Russia)

Champion of Moscow Florist Cup - 2017, Champion of Russia in professional floristry - 2017, trainer of the “Flowers in Details” school;

(Almaty, Kazakhstan)

The founder of the International floristry school “Siberia”, Champion of Kazakhstan in professional floristry and the many-time winner of international competitions and festivals;

(Russia, China)

Florist, decorator, trainer, photographer; best art object of China Orchid Exhibition award, most popular object of China EXPO award, best color of China Qinwandao Exhibition award, new technologies of China Competition award, etc.

(Moscow, Russia)

Florist of International level, Winner of Russian and foreign professional competitions, such as Moscow Spring (2010 - 2nd place), Russian Championship (2010 and 2017), Eurofluers 2013 Innovation Prize, Grand Prix of the Lilleball festival in 2010, 2011 and 2012, International Floral Art '12 -'13 medalist.

(Moscow, Russia)

Champion of the Urals 2016, Champion of the Perm Territory 2015, Interflora Russia Cup - 2014 finalist, festival “2000 chrysanthemums - 2016” in Izhevsk winner, International Flower Festival St. Petersburg - 2018 winner, participant of the Russian Championship - 2017, a trainer at the Anna Popova floristry school;

Leo Chung LICHUN

Founder and Chairman of the International Global Floristic Design Association, Professor of American Design Flower School, Lecturer at the German Floral Design College BWS, Founder of the Floral Design College in Guangzhou (2014), Instructor and Team Window Competition of the First China New Power Flower Design Competition (Guangzhou) gold medalist, Taiwan Orchid Design Competition Award (2013) silver medalist, International Flower Designer Award bronze medalist;

(Moscow, Russia)

Champion of Russia in professional floristry in 2002, Participant of the European Championship 2003 in Spain “Salamanca”, many-time participant and winner of Russian and International florist competitions, trainer of Russian floristry schools, Participant of the International Printing Projects Floral Art 2005-2006, Floral Art 2006-2007, Floral Art 2007-2008;


Teacher, participant in Russian and international competitions, ARTEFLORANDO 2019 winner, owner of the scenery and floristic company «AdoniS», owner of the «ROSSE» flowers and gifts salon.


Yulia BRUI
(Madam VEGETA)

Founder of the VEGETY project, President of the International Association of Edible Floristics

You can find the program of the floral marathon on Exhibition official website - HERE

Another major event of the program is the INTERNATIONAL FLORIST COMPETITION / International Floristic Championship (August 22-23, 2019). The main goals of the competition are to encourage development, promotion of local floristry and the finding of new names.
The main theme of the 2019 competition is: “COLOR OF EMOTIONS”.

The professional jury includes international-level florist designers: Chairman of the jury and President of the Russian Florists Association Valentina Petrovna SAFRONOVA, World Vice-Champion in Floristry Natalia ZIZHKO, Champion of Russia in Professional Floristry, Head and Trainer of the New Floristry School Vadim KAZANSKY, co-founders of the floristic design academy "Magenta" Tatyana VORONINA and Elena DMITRIEVA, member of AIFD, WFC, Sogetsu IKEBANA and NFD, FDSS Cup - 2018 Cup winner and FDSS Cup - 2006 in Singapore bronze medalist, Tokyo Cup - 1999 gold medalist, floristry trainer in Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia Japan Kazuhiko TANAKA (TANAKA Kazuhiko).
We invite florists to try their hand at an international professional competition! And everyone - to visit the spectacular floristry shows!

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Contacts (competition): Alexandra Voronina +7 (495) 974-33-66, ext. 3823, +7 (925) 581-73-07,

Registration on the website of the exhibition “Flowers and the City” is required to attend all of its events