Exhibition visiting benefits

Wide range of goods and services. The exhibition provides opportunities to have a comprehensive market overview, comparing many offers and finding the one that suits your needs best.

7,731 (32%) visitors successfully found the necessary goods/services and their provider

4,487 (90%) guests are planning to purchase the products exhibited after the event

Information and Knowledge. The exhibition provides the opportunity to find out about new products and their application, assess the market conditions and trends in the field, find ways out of problems, master professional skills by attending the events of the business and research agenda of the exhibition.

6 451 (25%) visitors obtained valuable information by attending the events of the business agenda

Personal contacts and socializing in professional environment. The exhibition is a vital tool for maintaining and establishing new face-to-face business contacts, share professional experience and views, discuss relevant issues and field-specific news.

6 875 (36%) visitors found new suppliers and partners

Emotional Value. Apart from the commercial aspects, the exhibition helps to get away from office routine, plunge into the atmosphere of celebration, enjoy bright experience, feel connected to the professional community, enjoy meeting new people and engage in professional communication.

*According to the "FLOWERS-2018" exhibition visitors survey research held by the organizer